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    Xiamen International Service Center Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as XMISC) was established in 1985 with approval from Xiamen Municipal Government to provide services pertaining to foreign affairs. Under the philosophy of “Service Makes Perfect”, XMISC has been committed....

    November 2019, the Human Resources a…
    January 2019, XMFSC Joined Xiamen I…
    May 2018, XMFSC in Industrial Bank s…
    September 2017, XMFSC was awarded th…
    June 2017, XMFSC won the title of "C…
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      廈門招聘網 廈門招聘網
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      外服人力資源 外服人力資源
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      外服出入境 外服出入境
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      外國人專屬服務 外國人專屬服務
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      友好國際留學 友好國際留學
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      友好國際旅行社 友好國際旅行社
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